Language: English, Spanish, Arabic, Thai, Italian, etc.

Can be used as public pay phone
Multiple charging channels: GPRS, IVR(voice), SMS, STK or USSD
Stores charging records such as charging time, amount
Built-in thermal printer
Can check 200 pieces bills and charge total amount

Key Functions of the mobile pos terminal
1)128*64 LCD Display, menu operation interface, easy operation
2)Platen removal mechanism, easy loading paper and maintenance
3)Prints SMS message
4)Standalone device, no need to connect to PC
5)Can keep 50 pieces SMS in memory
6)Can also send SMS if required
7) Paper: Thermal paper roll, 58mm wide
8)Effective printing area: 48mm
9)Character: 12*24 dots
10) Number of columns: 32 columns/line
11)Printing Head Life: Paper traveling distance 50KM
12)Transmit orders by GPRS or SMS mode.When the new order coming, alarm music will sound

Other Applications of the mobile pos terminal
1) Restaurant/Online Food Ordering/Coffee Shop/Bagel Stalls: receive order either directly from the a website dispatch
2) Online shop
3) Banking Transactions(Mobile Payment, Mobile ATM, etc.)
4) Hotel
5) Flower Shop
6) Football Lottery/Betting
7) Airtime Top-up:
8) Taxi Cab Receipts/Delivery Drivers
9) Stock Inventory/ Asset Tracking
10) Bill Payment(Electricity/Water/Gas,Internet/Broadband,Insurance,Charity,etc.)
11) Ticket Printing (Bus ticket,Carpark Tickets,Airline ticket,Movie Tiket,etc.)
12) Medical Test Results printing
13) Taxis/cab firms/delivery drivers to receive instructions on new pickups/deliveries
14) Any other situation where messages need to be conveyed to a remote party